B&H accepting orders...


They expect stock in 7-14 days. Your credit card is charged at the time of order.

R Valentino

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I ordered one from Norman Camera Tuesday, got it today. Looks like they still have stock.

Wick Smith

5D Mark II is now widely available. No news there.


Sorry.I've had excellent service from B&H in the past and I prefer to do business with them-I'm glad they're finally accepting orders again...

Wick Smith

I was surprised how long it took them to get the camera in stock. When I signed up to be notified they were so overloaded they wouldn't even accept my request to be notified. I finally bought from Beach Camera who seemed to have plenty in stock, with and without kit lens. -- -wick

Bernard Carns

I have the same opinion as you.BH is the best place for me.All my order history in one place.Excellent service.I prefer to wait until they have stock and get it versus shopping all over the place.I got lucky in Dec when they had a couple hundred and free shipping.Now if they could just get some batteries.I'd like to have at least one spare.Good luck on getting your 5d2!BC