Next Canon rebate promotion program?

Steven Major

Wondering when the next one could be based on history and rumor or whatever. I ponder this while waiting for the 5DII price to drop from well rated dealers. Thanks in advance.


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DotCom Editor

It still appears that demand for the 5D II is outstripping supply. As such, Canon has no incentive to allow street prices to drop. It's my guess -- and purely a guess -- that the street price won't drop until the Christmas 2009 shopping season. Of course, I've been known to be astonishingly stupid with my guesses in the past -- except for the ones I get right.I say if that's the camera you want, buy it now. Think of all the shots you will have missed by waiting several more months. -- I coulda had a V8 -- but I bought a 1D Mark III instead

Scales USA

Actually, there is more likelyhood that prices will rise. If the Japanese yen keeps rising vs the US dollar, pressure will be on for price increases. If that happens, then next fall, they will be on sale for $2700.

Bryan Campbell

I forgot about the rebate programming expiring on Jan 20th so I missed a few lenses that I had in mind for purchasing.My guess is that the prices will go up slightly in the coming months and then when there is another rebate in late Spring they will simply drop prices to what you can purchase them for now.