Forgot how to choose center focus point!


Please refresh my memory I forgot how to select center focus point only on Canon 40D Thanks Ajay Madan


It depends on how you set up your focus point selection custom function. I use the mini-stick controller so I press the AF button (Right most on right side on the back) and then press the mini-stick straight in middle position. --What camera do I have? I rather you look at my photos

W Keith McManus

Please forgive me, but would it not have easier to open your 40D's instruction book and find that answer, instead of waiting for someone to read your request and take their time to provide you the answer? If there is some reason that you could not find the answer in the instruction book, adding that to your request might give us a better feeling about helping you out.


Just simply forgot. Ajay Madan


Unless you don't have a manual.