Airlines and carry-ons...


Flying from LAX to Miami - will they let me carry on one backpack (Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus) with the body, three lenses and a laptop?Thanks.

Jim Lewis

Most US airlines now allow one carry-on bag and one "personal item". Your camera case as described might be large enough to constitution your carry-on bag, rather than your personal item, which I've been able to get away with, but the point is, you do not have the check it.However, the same obnoxious over-enforcement of the liquids/gel/aerosol rule applies here, so you'd better go through the bag and figure out anything that is covered by that rule.

Jim Lewis


The only thing you'll have to do is take the laptop out of the bag and they scan that separately. I travel with a camera backpack and a laptop briefcase bag all the time. I never have any trouble.


I just got back from flying through Seatac, Denver, O'Hare, and Richmond. Beyond the Xray, my bag was only inspected one additional time by a TSA agent who looked rather put-out that he had to pull people out of the line for "random extra screening."They were careful with the equipment and I was never seperated from it. I travel with a 30d, two small lenses, one medium lens, one large lens, flash, extension tubes, batteries, chargers, the works. No problems.If you're going to the UK? Be careful, I understand you can bring it in, but might not get it back out! -- 'Be right, fearless, faithfull, and true to others...'--T.S. Elliott