any remote recomendations? need to pick something up for tom. night.

nick the man

whos tom, and remotes for what tv?car? what we talking here?

Lenny L

Phottix. The Cleon can function as both wired and wireless.And who's Tom?

Lenny L

Ah, tom. night = tomorrow night. SorryGuess you plan to use it for fireworks.


Around here, that may well mean that at this point, you'd have no options at all because any store that might actually carry such a thing would be closed for the holiday.But if you do have a store or two that would actually have one in stock to fit these cameras, then that's great.As far as wired remotes go, they all seem to work well enough to be useful. I've gotten a couple of the very inexpensive ADIDT units from Ebay, and they work OK, but their connectors are not as good as the ones on the actual Canon units.As long as you ram them into the socket very well, though, they usually work. The Canon unit, on the other hand, works every time. But then you pay about four times as much for it!But let's say that it's too late for you to get a remote for the fireworks.All is not lost.Just put the camera on the tripod and set everything up just the same as you would have for use with the remote, but in this case, you cannot use the Bulb mode. So choose a nice long exposure time like, for example, five seconds.Then set the drive mode to the 2 second self-timer mode.Set the mirror lockup on the camera to "enabled".Then, for each shot, just carefully squeeze the shutter release being careful to avoid causing the camera and tripod to vibrate. After the 2 second delay, any vibrations you did cause should have died down, and then the shutter will be opened by the self timer, and you're good to go.I've shot fireworks that way before, when I did not have a remote release. It worked just fine.Good luck, and have fun watching/shooting the fireworks!