Rookie question on Lens fitting


Say, I got a 30D and when shopping for telephoto or other lenses how do I know which ones fit for it? Like on B&H won't tell me which ones fit on it.thanks,Alank


Any EF or EF-S will fit.


As far Canon lenses any EF or EF-S will fit on your 30D. If you're looking at third party lenses from Sigma, Tamron, etc then look for lenses for Canon EOS.I've collected links to reviews for many EOS compatible lenses here:


Bluejaywrote:Like on B&H won't tell me which ones fit on it.???? You're not reading very carefully. on the links for Digital SLR Interchangeable Lenses For Canon, and Digital/Film SLR Interchangeable Lenses For CanonSimilar at