First timer night shots...Prague


I went out on the streets of Prague this evening with rebel, kit lens, and 70-300. Shot off cheap tripod with self timer and mirror lockup. As was suggested to me in this forum my more interesting shots/colors came after sundown just before full dark. Didn't get anything breathtaking, but it was fun, and I'll be back out there tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to improve welcome. Just got back to hotel, so no pp. Honestly, I don't know what to do with these in photoshop to improve them...


AWSOME! Very nice shots! Brings back great memories! You did a great job capturing these spots and not overexposing them. I overexposed most of my shots.


Nice job. You've already discovered that the best "night shots" are not really taken at night. The're shot after the building lights come on, and the sky still has light. (Your middle two). Otherwise, the contrast is so great that you loose colors and mid tones. Keep at it, and have fun. -- JerryGSee my galleries at:


i did a ton of bracketing. I really want to hit it one morning from four to six a.m.. Some of the summer crowd still here, so too many people milling around in the evening. I really think the time to shoot this place would be February in a snowstorm. would be beautiful I imagine and I guarantee you could get the bridge all to yourself at the right hour.and yes, I like the shots that I got in that half hour after dusk, but I didn't get the nice color in all the shots, and I'm not sure why some had that blue hue to the sky and others (taken thirty seconds later) were more grey. Have something to do with exposure?



You certainly brought up a few memories from my stay in Prague about a year and a half ago. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Wow, oleg, I love 2956. What lens/camera was this and some of the other ultra wide shot's taken with?


The UWA shots were made with Sigma 10-20.


Had a little better light tonight. Both of these were with the 18-55 kit lens. The clock tower in #1's a little blown out, but I like the color.

Mooder Man

All shots are excellent but really like the train shot with the buildings seen through the windows!